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A few abstracts are in English, but presented in Dutch with English slides.

Jon 'Maddog' Hall Keynote abstract     
AIX trackchair: Tor Bendiksen
Maarten Kreuger AIX security: Running without root abstract[EN]
Tonny Bastiaans AIX keeping the old with the new using versioned WPARs abstract[EN]
Sebastian Grandjan Perrenod Comtesse Hardware virtualization abstract
Linux trackchair: Jos Vos
Thorsten Leemhuis What´s up in Kernel-Land abstract
Hans de Goede Spice, Open Remote Computing abstract
Jelmer Vernooij Samba 4: een Active Directory Domein controller abstract[EN]
Mark van Cuijk Android is Linux abstract[EN]
Gábor Nyers The btrfs filesystem abstract
Eric Schabell OpenShift abstract
Solaris trackchair: Bart Muijzer
Jörg Möllenkamp Insights to Solaris 11 abstract
Detlef Drewanz Lifecycle Management with Oracle Solaris 11 abstract
Andrew Gabriel Solaris 11 Networking - Crossbow Project abstract
Darren Moffat ZFS: Data integrity and Security abstract
Casper Dik Solaris 11 Zones and Immutable Zones abstract
Patrick Ale Experiencing Solaris 11 abstract
BSD trackchair: Pieter-Paul Spiertz
Michael Dexter The FreeNAS Storage Platform: A minute to learn, a lifetime to master abstract
Paul Schenkeveld The FreeBSD Project Explained: How a large opensource project works abstract
Keith Bergelt Leveraging Community IP Strategies to Ensure Unrestricted Innovation abstract
Windows 8 trackschair: Melle Gloerich
Tony Krijnen en Daniel van Soest Windows Server 8 Demo Mania abstract[EN]
Roel van Bueren en Alex de Jong Windows 8 Deployment, tools, tools, tools abstract[EN]
Sander Berkouwer Virtualiseren van Windows Server 8 Domain Controllers abstract[EN]
Ruben Spruijt A gearhead's guide to Desktop Virtualization and Remote Desktop Services with Windows (server) 8 abstract[EN]
Raymond Comvalius Windows 8 - After and beyond abstract[EN]
Jeff Wouters De kracht van PowerShell in 1 regel abstract[EN]
Erwin Derksen Windows 8 Security, Group Policy & Active Directory enhancements abstract[EN]
Bart Smith Windows Server 8 en DNSSEC abstract[EN]
Erwin Derksen Bring Your Own Device, hoe gaan we dat slim doen?? (BYOD, WTF) abstract[EN]



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