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Darren Moffat: ZFS: Data integrity and Security

Oracle UK
Senior Principal Engineer, Solaris Engineering


We will start with a review of ZFS and what it provides, and then go on to details of how it provides strong data integrity and data encryption, including how this is integrated with delegation, zones, Windows file services and iSCSI.


Darren is a Senior Principal Engineer in the Solaris Core technologies group. He is one of the architects for Solaris Security, and has a focus on authentication, cryptography and application containment.

He joined Oracle as part of the Sun acquisition, where he had been in the Solaris development organization for 12 years. Prior to that Darren worked in SunService, supported Trusted Solaris and other Solaris security functionality.

Prior to Sun Darren worked for the UK Ministry of Defence and is a graduate of the Computing Science department at the University of Glasgow (Scotland).



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