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Casper Dik: Solaris 11 Zones and Immutable Zones

Senior Staff Engineer, Software Platforms


This presentation will demonstratie "Immutable Zones"; these are locked down zones in which most of the system data is unreadable, while updating and modification from the global zone is not restricted.


Casper Dik has been with Sun Microsystems and Oracle for seventeen years and holds the position of Senior Staff Engineer, Software Platforms. Casper's responsibilities include security but is not known to limit himself to any particular subject. He is currently working on zone security, RBAC and fine grained privileges and recently delivered "Immutable Zones" to Solaris 11.

Casper has held strategic positions in the Network Security Group and Solaris engineering. His main contributions to the Solaris 10 OS are fine-grained privileges, a.k.a. "Process Rights Management." He's a long time contributor to the Solaris community through Usenet, Sun Managers and other venues, often acting as an informal channel between engineering and customers.

Casper has nearly 25 years of computer industry experience and has a master's degree in Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam.



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