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Papers 2019-

Overzicht van beschikbare papers, presentaties en video registraties van door de NLUUG (mede-)geörganiseerde bijeenkomsten.


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2019/11/21NjConf programma
David Blank-Edelman Keynote: SRE101: Lessons from a Parallel Universe
Andreas Hülsing Post-quantum cryptography
Bram Cappers Eventpad: Cybercrime Analysis Using Visual Analytics
Carlo Berto An update on RPKI
Carlo Meijer Self-encrypting deception
Debarshi Basak Next generation app security and mitigation for Lawfirms
Edwin van Andel Endnote: Tales (Fails) from the trenches…
Eric Verheul Remote Document Encryption
Hagen Bauer Treating documentation as code
Martin Geusebroek Counter social engineering
Michael Boelen Let's create better* scripts
Michiel Leenaars The Commons Conservancy
Moritz Müller Roll, Roll, Roll your Root — first DNSSEC Root KSK Rollover
Peter Lexis Running containers with systemd-nspawn
Roland van Rijswijk-Deij QBC: The Quantum Blockchain Cloud —debunking quantum myths and fables
Thomas Attema Cryptographic applications of quantum mechanics
Wim ten Have What does vNUMA actually mean?
2019/05/23VjConf progamma
Frank Karlitschek Keynote: ownCloud/nextCloud, why I forked my own project and my own company
Alexios Zavras Making Open Source Easily Usable
Amir Jerbi Keeping your Kubernetes secured using kube-hunter, kube-bench and microscanner GitHub
Andy Miller Quickly build a personal resume site with Grav, a modern flat-file open source CMS
Bert Hubert DNS & TLS SNI: Now with encryption… and cloud
Esther Crabbendam Protection of data, privacy and online freedom in a fast changing world
Joost van Dijk FIDO2 and Web Authentication
Kashyap Chamarthy Effective Virtual CPU Configuration with QEMU and libvirt
Maxim Burgerhout End-to-end automation with Ansible
Mike Hulsman The NLUUG FTP server
Olivier Lambert XCP-ng: building an Open Source and turnkey virtualization platform
Reinoud van Leeuwen Built-in security in an agile online software development environment
Robert Altnoeder Software Defined Storage the Linux way
Rudi van Drunen CI CD in a Modern World
Suzanne Daniels From Clippy to Kernel

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