Attendees of the NLUUG Anniversary (Fall) conference are welcome from 8:30 for registration and coffee. The keynote sessions begin at 9:15 and will continue until 17:20.

09.15 uur         Opening by Walter Belgers, Chairman NLUUG

09.25 uur         Opening by Rene Pluis, Chairman Program Committee

09.30 uur         Hendrik Jan Thomassen

10.00 uur         Andy Tanenbaum

10.50 uur         Coffee break

11.20 uur         Bjarne Stroustrup

12.10 uur         Lunch break
                        The lunch is sponsored by Schuberg Philis

13.30 uur         David Korn

14.20 uur         Werner Vogels

15.10 uur         Coffee Break

15.40 uur         Raymond Spanjar

16.30 uur         Whitfield Diffie

17.20 uur         Informal reception
                        The reception is sponsored by Snow