NLUUG 25th anniversary

NLUUG proudly presents to you the opportunity to see some of the most famous speakers in the field of ICT this fall!

The NLUUG, the Dutch Unix Users Group, will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a very special autumn conference! During this conference we will look back at the past 25 years, examine the current state of the art, and muse about that what might come!

This conference has a programme consisting solely of keynote speakers. All are regarded as authorities in their own rights! The programme committee succeeded in inviting some of the icons and household names of our industry. Listen to them addressing their field of expertise. We succeeded in getting a good variety of subjects, ranging from technical - for example computer languages by the world famous Bjarne Stroustrup who will talk about C++ - to commercial - for example deploying leading edge technologies in the (very near) future by the CTO of Amazon, Dr. Werner Vogels.

During the celebration conference, at the special location "De Beurs van Berlage" (former Dutch stock exchange) near the central train station in the center of Amsterdam, you will have the opportunity to listen to these world renowned speakers and to network among our group of peers. Most of the members of NLUUG have been part of this organization for several years (some even several decades) and work in both the academic world as well as in some of the largest high tech companies. An ideal environment to meet interesting people and to extend your personal network!

Furthermore there will be several sponsors present which will advertise their added value to the NLUUG community. Of course for those people who are attending but are not members yet, it is possible to experience first hand the added value of NLUUG and become members at the spot! In short: it is a great way to expand your own professional network!

For an up to date overview of the programme as well as last moment changes see this website.

The programme committee and the NLUUG board members are very excited about this 25th anniversary conference on November 7th, at the "Beurs of Berlage" in Amsterdam. Do not miss this extraordinary conference!

Hoping to see you all there!

René Pluis
Programme Chair "NLUUG 25" conference