The Open Web
Oct 29, 2009

Dimensions of Openness

By Steven Pemberton.


"Open" is often a feel-good word when applied to computing. An "Open Web"?

How could anyone be against it? And yet there is seldom discussion on what openness means in this context. But is openness obvious? There are many dimensions to openness in the web, and one person's openness maybe another's limitation. For instance, does javascript make the web more or less open? There are arguments both ways. This talk will try to tease apart the different dimensions of openness, and discuss the barriers that still need to be lowered.


Steven is a researcher at CWI, The Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science, Amsterdam. His research is in interaction, and how the underlying software architecture can support users. Involved with the Web since the beginning, he organized two workshops at the first Web Conference in 1994, and chaired the first W3C Style Sheets and Internationalization workshops. He was a member of the CSS Working Group from its start, and long-time member and chair of the HTML Working Group. He now chairs XHTML2 and leads the W3C Forms Activities. He is co-author of (amongst others) HTML4, CSS, XHTML, XForms and RDFa.

Fall 2009


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