The Open Web
Oct 29, 2009

Firefox 3.5 and HTML5

By Paul Rouget.


Do you know that the web is evolving?

First, the web was a document repository. Then, a world of applications. The technologies have to move the same way. That's why HTML5 exists.

HTML5 brings more adapted features for a modern web. HTML5 doesn't come alone. CSS3, JavaScript 1.8, SVG, ... aim to make the web experience better.

This includes offline storage, native video & audio, thread mechanism, downloadable fonts, more interaction with users, geolocation, and more. Firefox 3.5 is a new big step in this way.

Let's see how far we can go with the new standards and Firefox 3.5.


Paul Rouget works on promoting the OpenWeb and Mozilla as a platform. He has been involved in the Mozilla project since 2003. He works for Mozilla as a Technology Evangelist. Paul experiments with the new technologies of the Web and the Mozilla platform. Lately, he has been working on set of demos demonstrating how far we can go with the new standards and Firefox 3.5, and promoting the new video tag on Firefox.

To follow Paul's activity, see his blog: http://blog.mozbox.org and his Twitter: http://twitter.com/paulrouget

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