The Open Web
Oct 29, 2009

The 3rd dimension of Web 2.0

By Jim Sangwine.


In recent years numerous films and books have shown representations of a 3D enabled Internet embodying Web 2.0 ideals of rich user experience and participation.

Web technologists have often tried to harness the graphical power of modern desktops to realize these visions, and while we are still a long way from a Minority Report style interface there are still some interesting things happening with 3D content and interaction online.

This talk will present some currently available technologies (e.g. ActionScript 3) and discuss not only the impact they could have on the way you present content to your users, but also exciting new possibilities they open up for user interaction. Emphasis will be given to open source tools and libraries (especially Papervision3D) that facilitate the creation of 3D interactive web content.


Jim Sangwine started his career as a lecturer in Computer Visualisation (3D animation) at Portsmouth University in the UK. He is now a senior web application developer working with PHP, C# and ActionScript 3 for Competa IT in the Netherlands.

Fall 2009


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