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UNIX/Linux user groups

This page lists UNIX and Linux users group which do not focus on a specific purpose or application.


  • NLLGG, Dutch Linux Users Group (Nederlandse Linux Gebruikers Groep)
  • NLOSUG, Netherlands OpenSolaris User Group
  • hcc|opensource, Hcc opensource user group (including linux/bsd)


  • DKUUG Danish Unix User Group
  • FUUG Finnish Unix User Group
  • GUUG German Unix User Group
  • NUUG Norwegian Unix User Group
  • OTA Open Technology Assembly (Belgium)
  • SUUG Swiss Unix User Group
  • UKUUG UK Unix and Open Systems User Group

Rest of the world

  • AUUG Australian "Organisation for Unix, Linux and Open Source Professionals"
  • USENIX The Advanced Computing Systems Association

Association NLUUG
e-mail: info@nluug.nl