Security is a recurring theme for NLUUG conferences. About each five years, this theme pops up, and it is always good for a well-attended conference.

So, it appears that security was, and is, an important topic. Wether you are a developer, system or network administrator, architect, project leader or end user, security is a focal point for everybody.

The lectures you can attend deal with a variety of subtopics within the field of computer security. You can hear about which measures you can take to guarantee or test security. But also topics like spam filtering and privacy are part of the program.

We found Vincent Rijmen willing to present the keynote talk. His claim to fame has been the development, together with Joan Daemen, of the Rijndael encryption algorithm which has become a worldwide standard.

Except for lectures, there is ample opportunity to share information with other attendeed and stands.

I am convinced the NLUUG has yet again been able to create an interesting program and with you an educational and enjoyable conference!

Walter Belgers
Program chair

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