Keynote: Some Thoughts on Current Security Topics, and Their Eventual Mitigation

Speaker: Bill Cheswick


I will give my take on the disaster that is computer and Internet security. Topics will range from hardware flaws to persistent software insecurities, cloud computing, privacy, net neutrality, cryptocurrencies, quantum cryptography and communication, and my thirty year experience with the Internet of Things in my home and farm.

I am actually optimistic that we can do better, and that eventually we will. I have some suggestions that could lead us in that direction.


Bill is known for his early work in Internet security, including firewalls, proxies, and as co-author on the first full book on Firewalls. He is also noted for his work in visualizations, especially Internet maps, which have appeared widely. Ches has worked at Bell Labs and AT&T Shannon Lab, and was a cofounder of Lumeta Corp.

He continues to invent, collaborate, write apps, consult, and give talks worldwide. He is a visiting scholar at University of Pennsylvania.

Bill loves living in the future! (But he wishes the software was better.)

Twitter: @wcheswick

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