Rise of the WarriorPi's

Speaker: Kevin McPeake


The introduction of Small Board Computers running Linux has fundamentally changed the game for Advanced WiFi War Roamers and WiFi/GSM site surveyors alike. Gone are the days that WiFi WarRoamers would walk around with large antennas in hand while trying not drop their laptop, and gone are the days that GSM RF survey crews needed to take an entire van load of equipment to make RF measurements, mostly replaced by SmartPhones and Apps... but in some cases, SBC based computers are used to produce even greater detailed data sets. What do these look like and how can you build one for WiFi? GSM? or maybe for Bluetooth and other frequencies, such as Zigbee?

In this presentation, a former GSM Security Specialist (formerly employed at Orange & T-Mobile) and Top Ten Wigle contributor will reveal how he builds his Wireless WarRoaming *Pi based solutions for WiFi, GSM, Bluetooth and other frequencies, how they have contributed to his success at climbing the charts at Wigle while actually spending far less time wholly "dedicated" to the activity of WarRoaming. (READ: no more mindless pedantic traversing every street in town anymore.) Instead, you can have a more normal life but have the WarRoaming results of a Super Hero.

The adoption of this strategy shift by the speaker, accounted for the difference of 500K WiFi discovered by speaker previously and the 1.5 Million discovered WiFi in just the last 3 years since, and is what provided the inspiration of the creation of the first dedicated GSM WarPi - capable of WarRoaming 4 GSM operators and/or 4 GSM bands independently of each other, which he will reveal and demonstrate. And the best part is, they're still far cheaper than a Hak5 Pineapple. :D


A 20+ year veteran in the Dutch Security Community, with 15 years served at T-Mobile and Orange/Dutchtone as a Senior Security and Forensics Specialist, Kevin McPeake has also been a long time Wireless Surveyor as part of his job, which spurned his interest in developing said activity into a full time Hobby.

Now a full blown War Roamer addict for more than a decade, Kevin has largely remained in the top 15 contributors of WiFi datasets to Wigle.net (under the account name "resu-repus" and currently in position #10) for the last few years. In fact, Kevin cites his passion towards building dedicated SBC based "WarRoaming" devices as one of his hardest hitting addictions.

Kevin is also a member of The Open Organization Of Lockpickers (TOOOL).

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