Inside Monero - The world's first fungible cryptocurrency

Speaker: Howard Chu


While many in the tech industry are familiar with Bitcoin and the many altcoins that have forked off its code base, fewer are aware of Monero. Monero is evolved from CryptoNote, which is a completely independent code base from Bitcoin emphasizing privacy as opposed to Bitcoin's transparent blockchain. Like Bitcoin, Monero is fully open source.

The project is driven entirely by volunteers. The Monero team has developed further innovations over the CryptoNote code base making it the most private cryptocurrency ever, and the first in the world with true fungibility.

The talk includes a brief introduction to cryptocurrencies and their strengths and weaknesses. The main point of the talk is the additional features Monero has incorporated to preserve privacy and the consequences of using non-private cryptocoins.


Howard Chu has been writing Free/Open Source software since the 1980s. His work has spanned a wide range of computing topics, including most of the GNU utilities (gcc, gdb, gmake, etc.), networking protocols and tools, kernel and filesystem drivers, and focused on maximizing the useful work from a system.

Howard founded Symas Corp. with 5 other partners in 1999 and serves as its CTO. His current focus is database oriented, covering LDAP, LMDB, and other non-relational database technologies.

Twitter: @hyc_symas

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