Setting-up a .Onion address for your Website

Speaker: Alec Muffett


The so-called "Dark Web" is actually just a "more secure web", so let's use that extra security for good!

If your site has an audience (eg: the New York Times) or if your site connects people (eg: Facebook) then setting up a Tor onion site might benefit the people who connect to it; if they need extra assurance that their connections are not being tampered with, or if they want a little more privacy, are at risk of their access being blocked, or if they want a smaller "digital footprint", then making it easier for them to use your site over Tor might be helpful to them.


Alec has worked in security for 30 years, at both Sun Microsystems and Facebook. He is currently Principal Engineer for security at Deliveroo and a member of the board of the Open Rights Group.

He is noted for work in password security (Crack, CrackLib, the "sunmd5" hashing algorithm), for creating Facebook's Tor onion site, for leading the team that added end-to-end encryption to Facebook Messenger, and for other work relating to Tor onion networking.

Twitter: @alecmuffett

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