The Beauty of Simple

Speaker: Michael Boelen


Humans are programmed to like simple. We prefer the easy way, maybe even the boring and the expected. It gives us a peace of mind and allows us taking shortcuts to save precious energy. When it comes to software, we seem to care less about simple. And sure, creating quality software require specific skills which include some level of difficulty. At the same time, using software should be easy. With lacking documentation and confusing defaults, we are still far away from that goal. Open source software is no exception, so let's starting fighting complexity in our work!

In this talk, Michael Boelen will share his journey as an open source developer. What started 14 years ago as a simple script (rkhunter), ended up in a “Frankenstein”. He is now making up for it, promoting the principle of simplicity. Let's learn what this means and how we can apply ourselves. From decluttering our technical spaces to enhancing the software and scripts we use or even create.

Disclaimer: your life might end up being much simpler after this talk.


Michael Boelen started his career in system administration. Three years ago, he became the founder of CISOfy security. His daily work now includes software development, content creation, and supporting sales.

With a focus on Linux and Unix security, he created open source tools like rkhunter to detect malware, and Lynis to perform security scans. When time allows, he shares his knowledge on a blog called Linux Audit.

Michael serves the NLUUG as a board member, helps with promotion, and supports the program committee with administrative tasks.

Twitter: @mboelen

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