Running Docker in Production

Lessons learned using DC/OS

Speakers: Erwin de Keijzer and Roy Bauweraerts.


After running a monolith for several years, Mijndomein migrated to an architecture based on microservices in the beginning of 2016. It was quickly realised that running microservices on dedicated AWS instances wasn’t as agile and efficient as needed. In the summer of 2016 the deadline was set that everything should run in Docker before December.

Our talk is about the challenges that come with running microservices and how we solved them. We also look back and talk about if this whole undertaking was worth it.

Biography Erwin de Keijzer

Erwin de Keijzer (28) is a system automation enthousiast. Since he started using Ubuntu Dapper Drake (over 10 years ago) he has been looking into the latest and greatest projects to make life as easy as possible.

The last 2 years he has been active at Mijndomein supporting 2 major migrations. The first migration was from the static Monolith to Microservices run in AWS, the second migration was to running stateless microservices in DC/OS.

As a DevOps engineer he has built the tooling that allows developers to go from a commit to running in production in minutes.

Biography Bauweraerts

Roy Bauweraerts (33) is a developer who stands for innovation and likes to try out new technologies. He has been working at Mijndomein for the past 5 years.

He has passionately advocated the use of microservices in combination with DC/OS and finally got the ball rolling in the summer of 2016. As the lead developer and Product Owner of the first multidisciplinary team at Mijndomein, he interacts with marketing, management, support, developers and system engineers to get the best results based on facts and figures.

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