Developing containerized applications with the container development kit

Speaker: Maxim Burgerhout


Linux containers are everywhere and are making pretty significant inroads in application development. During this session we will look into how to get started with developing containerized applications on OpenShift on your local development workstation, using the container development kit.

The container development kit is an open source distribution of software that allows you to quickly spin up a local OpenShift Container Platform cluster, either Enterprise or Origin, to start your development. This makes it easy to use the OpenShift source-to-image feature during development, and whether your workstation runs Windows, macOS, or Linux, there is a CDK for everyone!


Maxim Burgerhout is a firm believer in the concepts of open source and open society. He has worked in IT full-time for over a decade, but has been involved in open source for much longer.

He installed his first copy of Red Hat Linux while working at Leiden University back in the 90s and has been submitting patches since at least 2003. Maxim works for Red Hat as a solution architect and is a regular speaker at events.

Twitter: @MaximBurgerhout

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