What's new with RRDtool and other stories from my GitHub repo

Speaker: Tobias Oetiker


With the publication of MRTG in 1995, I entered the open source world. I loved it then and have been enthusiastic about it ever since. I continue to publish new tools as well as taken care of my existing projects ever since. These days I work for a small software and sysadmin shop. Whenever I create a new tool for a customer that has some general application I look for ways to publish it as open source and I often succeed.

In this talk I will be presenting a bunch of tools and associated anecdotes from my GitHub repo.


Tobias Oetiker is an electrical engineer by education and a full stack engineer by vocation. He spent ten years working for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, providing students and staff with a deluxe Unix workstation environment.

In 2006, Tobias started his own company OETIKER+PARTNER AG, running Unix servers for industry customers, and creating customer specific applications. Since 1995, Tobias has published a number of well known Open Source applications. Most notably MRTG, RRDtool and SmokePing. He lives in Olten in Switzerland. – tobi.oetiker.ch, github.com/oetiker, fb.com/tobi.oetiker

Twitter: @oetiker

Voorjaar 2017

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