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NLUUG Spring Conference 2014

Networking, Configuration Management, Security
May 15th, 2014
Postillion Hotel, Bunnik, The Netherlands


Last year, the NLUUG put a focus on DevOps as a process. For our 2014 Spring conference, we present tracks on networking, tools and security; we abandoned the concept of one Big Theme. Too much is happening for that. In a world where not a single server is manually administrated anymore, scalability, virtualization and security are all essential. They come together.

With the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 imminent, Docker is going to be big as its standard container engine. Software-defined networking is another big promise for 2014, which needs to be on the NLUUG conference because its current state is not open enough. We intend to push hardware vendors to work together and improve open standards like OpenFlow.

Please check our conference schedule[EN] for the full list. Please check back for small changes until May.

We hope to see you in May!

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