Why Open Technologies need to use Open Technologies.

Speaker: Toshaan Bharvani


This presentation explains why open source projects should be using open source technologies to build their open source solutions. We need to be consistent in our values and while the cloud may be easy, it can lure us into using proprietary solutions, given away our freedom and ownership. There are a lot of open source technologies in the cloud that can provide us with open source technology as a service, giving us back our freedom, ownership and value. We will demonstrate how this can be achieved based upon an example, in which we migrated to open source technology using open source hardware, software and services to provide an open source solutions for an open source foundation.


Toshaan Bharvani is a IT consultant, currently self-employed at VanTosh, with a interest in Open Source Software and IT Hardware. He started his IT interest at a very early age, when his father gave him his first own PC components. Ever since he has been interested in IT hardware and software. In business, he tends to combine higher level applications with lower level systems. Toshaan has been involved for some time now in some open source projects and communities.

najaar 2022

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