Exploring Quantum Technology for Networking

Speaker: Melchior Aelmans


In this presentation I will give a very brief introduction on how quantum technology can be made applicable to network and we will review how already available and emerging quantum technology can help improve well known security mechanisms and protocols. Also we will explore how close (or far away) a quantum internet is and if it will even be fully quantum.


Melchior Aelmans is Chief Architect at Juniper Networks where he works closely with many operators on the design and evolution of their networks. He has over 15 years of experience in various operations and engineering positions with Cloud Providers, Data Centers, and Service Providers. He enjoys talking about and working on routing protocols, routing security, network architectures and quantum internet. He also participates in IETF and RIPE, is a regular attendee and presenter at conferences and meetings, is a member of the NANOG Program Committee, Vice Chair Internet Society Organization Member Advisory Council, Steering Committee member at MANRS and a board member at the NLNOG Foundation.

Twitter: @melchioraelmans

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