Things on the Internet: An introduction to the REAL world

Speaker: Rudi van Drunen


Internet of Things nowadays is a hype. Nowadays everyTHING needs to be connected and produces data or gets controlled through an internet connected service or device.

In this talk we will discuss the basics of the (small) embedded devices that gets the physical THING to the virtual world. What are the options here? What are the aspects to look after in setting up the device? Issues in connectivity, power consumption, reliability and security are amongst the subjects we will be discussing.

Then, when moving into the “cloud” we will discuss message broker(s) and the storage and presentation tier. All these components mixed together with some “smart” engineering sauce will cook up an iot system that is easily set up using off-the-shelf (open hardware and ditto software) components, which will be demo-ed.


Rudi van Drunen is a Hardware geek, started his career as an Electronics Design engineer and is proud of it. Since he moved up into the lower levels of the stack by doing (wireless) Networking, UNIX systems programming, parallel computing, Devops and sorts. Just trying to avoid the political layer. Through several companies and roles he now is working at SpronQ, still making the nice things (people and tech) work.

In his spare time he likes nerding and hanging out with geeks, while visiting conferences. He chaired and presented at numerous national and international conferences. Besides that, he likes travelling, photography and being a dad.

Twitter: @dvidur

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