Ceph on FreeBSD

Speaker: Willem Jan Withagen


FreeBSD was one of the first to implement ZFS with great success and I have it running since 2006. I started looking into Ceph, because the FreeBSD HAST solution with CARP and ggate did not deliver the reliability I was looking for. So now I'm aiming for running a Ceph storage cluster of storage nodes that are running ZFS. Endstation would be running bhyve on RBD disk that is stored in Ceph. The current FreeBSD build will have most of the tools in Ceph.

The talk will go into some of the porting details. It will demonstrate a FreeBSD Ceph cluster up and running with rbd-gate and cephfs-fuse.


Willem Jan originally worked at the TU/e and Philips Research on system architectures. But soon started one of the first ISP in the Netherlands (Internet Access Eindhoven) in 1992, using FreeBSD. FreeBSD has stayed with him and his companies ever since.

Not a typical expert in anything, but able to find his way is just about any problem, be it networking, assembly language, or business engineering. After over a dozen companies he now runs a data-center and is co-owner of a cloud company (using Linux). Open source is his preferred way of doing things.

Twitter: @wjwithagen

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