We don't need no security!

Speaker: Jelle Niemantsverdriet


Of course we do need security - but maybe not in the way we've 'always' done it before.

In this session we explore whether tasks we consider to be part of security, actually require a separate organisation. Can we be more successful (both in terms of business and in terms of actual security) when we stop pretending what we do is very special? Can we look for ways to just do the right thing bottom up? Can we achieve elegant, scalable, and ultimately invisible security?

This session will draw on experiences and insights from other disciplines, like human-centered design, safety research, and psychology. We will also look on technical ‘under the hood’ aspects of security. Drawing from these fields, I aim to outline what I think security should do to stay relevant and future-proof.


Jelle Niemantsverdriet (currently Director Cyber Risk Services at Deloitte) is fascinated by the intersection of cybersecurity and other disciplines like human-centered design, safety research, marketing and data science.

Having investigated some of the largest data breaches in the world, he has a pretty unique view of what happens when things go wrong in cybersecurity - both from a deep technical and a boardroom perspective.

He aims to use that insight to build better and more secure teams, tools and businesses and strongly believes that can only be done by positioning the security organisation as a forward-looking, enabling, data-driven, fast-moving team instead of the traditional 'department of NO'.

Twitter: @jelle_n, LinkedIn

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