Introduction to Event-Driven Linux Systems Management with SaltStack

Speaker: Mike Place


SaltStack is an open-source automation framework to command and control everything from Linux servers to embedded devices. Written in Python, it has quickly become one of the leading solutions for systems management, with one of the most active and vibrant Python developer communities in the world.

In this talk, Mike Place, the maintainer of the SaltStack project, will provide an introduction to SaltStack, introducing users to its configuration-management capabilities and then illustrating its potential for remote execution. Finally, he will introduce the attendees to the concepts behind event-driven automation. He will show how SaltStack can be used to build intelligent networks that respond immediately to events with automation workflows.


Mike Place is the maintainer of the SaltStack open-source project for systems automation. SaltStack is one of the largest Python-based open-source communities in the world with thousands of active developers.

He has worked in the field of systems automation for twenty years as a sysadmin at an independent ISP to work in advanced research and development groups in large organizations.

When he is not writing code or managing people, he enjoys serving as the mentorship director for ZimboPy — a group he helped found in Zimbabwe to provide free programming classes to young women in the region. He also occasionally runs one-hundred mile races in the mountains to relax, though he doesn't necessarily find it all that relaxing.

Twitter: @cachedout

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