Using Beats in the Elastic Stack

Speaker: Aaron Mildenstein


If you haven't heard of Beats yet, you're in for a treat! In this 45 minute presentation you will learn about “Beats,” from Elastic, and how using them can enhance data collection and analytics in your Elastic Stack.

Learn about the officially supported Beats: Filebeat (lightweight file-tailing and shipping) Packetbeat (monitor packet traffic for MySQL, Postgres, Redis, Memcache, HTTP, and more) Winlogbeat (ship events from the Windows Event Log) Topbeat/Metricbeat (Ship performance metrics from monitored systems)

Additionally, there is a growing number of community provided “Beats” built on libbeat, the open source framework on which all Beats are built. Learn how easy it is to start making your own Beat!


Aaron Mildenstein is a former SysAdmin who found his creative outlet writing code to help wring useful information from log files and performance metrics of all kinds. He discovered Logstash and Elasticsearch in 2011 and has never been the same since. He started developing and extending Logstash and Elasticsearch Curator for Elastic full-time in October 2013.

@theuntergeek (Twitter) en @untergeek (GitHub).

Najaar 2016

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