ManageIQ: Automate, Optimize, and Control your Cloud and Virtualization Services

Speaker: Mike Hulsman


As we all use Virtualization, Clouds, Containers, Storage etc. They all come with their own management interface. ManageIQ (or RedHat CloudForms) is a hybrid management system that can manage those environments from a single interface.

The biggest advantage of ManageIQ is that you can extend functionality using control and compliance policies, create automation methods that can be used for the various providers. As an admin it becomes easier to deploy an instance (VM,Container,complete environments), add it to the monitoring, backup, trigger Ansible and/or Puppet, add CMDB records all automatically.

Mike will present some capabilities of ManageIQ, use cases, reporting possibilities, and more.


Mike Hulsman is working at Proxy Managed Services in various roles. Since 2012 one of the archive and sysadmins of

Mike has more than 20 years of sysadmin experience: working on Enterprise solutions for warehousing, telco's, broadband, banking, and technology companies. He focuses on integration, virtualization, systems, SAN storage on the monitoring and application level.

Najaar 2016

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