What's new in Logstash 5.0

Speaker: Aaron Mildenstein


Logstash 5.0 is upon us. What is new in Logstash 5.0? Why should I upgrade? What are the pitfalls? These questions will be answered in this 45 minute presentation.

Questions aswered include:

  • how to make use of the new Logstash Monitoring API, to monitor throughput and plugin-level performance,
  • changes in the plugin architecture and associated APIs,
  • packaging and directory path changes, and
  • why this is a good thing: much more than will fit in this space here!


Aaron Mildenstein is a former SysAdmin, who found his creative outlet writing code to help wring useful information from log files and performance metrics of all kinds. He discovered Logstash and Elasticsearch in 2011 and has never been the same since. He started developing and extending Logstash for Elastic full-time in October 2013.

@theuntergeek (Twitter) en @untergeek (GitHub).

Najaar 2016

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