Update on DRBD SDS

Speaker: Philipp Reisner


For private cloud and enterprise vitualization systems, virtualized storage is an essential building block. DRBD has a long history for building high availability fail-over clusters. Nowadays the focus has shifted towards turning DRBD into a completely automated software defined storage system, and connecting it to OpenStack, OpenNebula, Proxmox. Kubernetes in the future.

Besides the Linux-kernel-driver there is a new management component implement in Python, that implements the automated volume management, combining DRBD with LVM and zVols (of ZFS).


Philipp Reisner is CEO of LINBIT. He has turned LINBIT from a generic Linux consulting Company operating in the Austrian market into a world wide operating expert team supporting DRBD users around the world. LINBIT currently has a office locations in Vienna Austria and in Portland, OR USA.

Philipp is the initiator of the DRBD open source project, and still actively contributing to the development of the DRBD-linux-kernel driver. With that he maintains the DRBD driver in the Linux upstream code base.

Najaar 2016

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