Code Orchestration: Dealing with the challenges of modern programming

Speaker: Arnaud Loonstra


Approaches to program concurrently require a thorough understanding of the computer. Not all people who program possess this. However, as processors are not getting faster, everybody will need to program concurrently eventually.

One of the main challenges of programming for multiple processors is the fact that it is often approached from a sequential programming perspective. One of the main paradigms of concurrent programming is message passing.

In this research we propose an easy framework for Creative Coders to program concurrently based on a paradigm of interacting entities. We have tested the proposed framework on a group of Creative Coders which showed it is regarded easier than classical programming.


Arnaud Loonstra is an independent artist, researcher and developer affiliated with the foundation and the ZeroMQ community. His work focuses on the artistic possibilities of new technologies.

Najaar 2016

Vereniging NLUUG
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