'Collaborative Security' een benadering van Cyber Security

Keynote Speaker: Olaf Kolkman


The Open Internet has demonstrated to be a powerful driver for social, technical and economic interaction. The success of the Internet is based on a number of Invariants[1], among which Global connectivity and integrity, Accessibility, permissionless innovation, interoperability and mutual agreements. Those properties not only bring prosperity they grow the attack surface too.

When it comes to Internet Security on a global scale the general approach to security may not be all that applicable. That general approach is usually inward facing: whereby actors look at their own assets and how to protect them in a way that makes economic sense.

Security policies are often premised at stopping bad things and not on what the properties are that need protected. When thinking about security for the Internet then individual actors also need an external perspective in order trade off their actions towards the bigger internet.

We talk about resiliency and about outward facing security and give some examples of collaborative security and the difficulty of them getting traction.


PDF: Collaborative Security


As Chief Internet Technology Officer, Olaf has responsibility for leading Internet Societyi's Strategic Technical activities, particularly as they pertain to issues and opportunities for enhancing the Internet's evolution. Olaf has been actively involved with Internet technologies since his astronomy studies during the early nineties. Internet became his professional focus in 1996 when he joined the RIPE NCC to develop the first version of what has become a worldwide test-network. In 2007 he became the managing director of NLnet Labs. Under his responsibility NLnet Labs produced open-source products, performed research on technical issues with global impact, and contributed actively to the regional and global collaborative standard and governance bodies (e.g. ICANN, RIPE, IETF), and 'pushed the needle' on the development and deployment of DNSSEC. Kolkman describes himself as an Internet generalist and evangineer, somebody with deep knowledge on some of the Internet's technical aspects who particularly enjoys bridging the technology-society-policy gaps.

Najaar 2015

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