Ansible and integration in a large enterprise

Speaker: Dag Wieers


This session is looking at typical considerations and practical solutions of managing Linux systems in large companies. Working in large enterprises is sufficiently different from small companies that different approaches are necessary, not just because of the complexities or the sheer variety of systems and applications, but also because of culture and/or policies that sometimes harm the flexibility we all crave.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing. We will cover broad aspects of detecting problems, harmonizing environments, patching systems, provisioning new systems and testing other team's responsibilities in order to get to a desired state. And we do most of this using Ansible.

  • What is typical at large companies?
  • How does this affect technology choices?
  • What kind of solutions did we come up with?
  • Why is Ansible a good fit?


Dag Wieers is a freelance Linux and Open Source consultant, having worked for various international companies (mostly, in technology, banking, broadcasting and telecom markets). His main competencies include architecting and automating workflow, systems management, documentation and knowledge transfer and leading technical teams. He loves lightweight processes and keeping it simple.

Najaar 2014

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