The Internet of Things at your kitchen table.

An Introduction to small devices programming

Speaker: Rudi van Drunen


The internet of things is a hot topic. Loads of internet-connected small (and not so small) devices are popping up. Sensor nodes, cars, fridges, everything has a small embedded system that can sense, control and connect to the internet to communicate with humans or other systems. In this talk we will explore how these small systems work and most of all how you develop hard and software around it using open source components. We will show how you write simple programs using the Arduino IDE or using gcc, upload them to a hardware board and run them to build your own internet connected devices of all sorts. We will use a simple environmental sensor connected to your monitoring system for your server room as an example.


As an Electronic Design Engineer by education, Rudi likes to work on thearea where hardware and software meet eachother. Nowadays he is responsible for the technical aspects of the products build by Oelan.

As an UNIX nerd he is active in the NLUUG board, and USENIX. You can often find him at all kinds of Open Source conferences as a speaker. Rudi works at Xlexit Technology B.V.

Najaar 2014

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