Open Source Software to Enable SDN and NFV

Speaker: Chris Price


Overview: In the past year the networking industry has come to embrace open source as the right path toward achieving innovation and interoperability for software-defined networks. As a community-led and industry-supported open source platform, OpenDaylight has become the de facto standard for open SDN and NFV.

With its second software release, Helium, available for download, OpenDaylight’s open SDN and NFV platform has evolved to include 11 new protocols, applications and technologies making it the most flexible and interoperable platform available. Over a dozen vendors are building their controllers on top of OpenDaylight, and users are seeing the value of a common SDN platform and beginning to turn to OpenDaylight for testing.

This talk will provide an overview of the industry's road to adoption of SDN and NFV and how an open source platform like OpenDaylight enables a wide set of use cases -- enterprises, service providers, equipment providers and academia -- to begin to evaluate, commercialize and deploy SDN and NFV.


Chris leads open source industry collaboration for Ericsson in the areas of NFV, Cloud and SDN from the CTO’s office in Sweden. Chris’ experiences include leading Ericssons' IP and broadband network architecture and standardization teams and a rich history with the development of technology and architecture for network management, policy control and user service management, user session control plane solutions, and DPI technologies. Having started his career in Australia he has lived and worked in Spain and California before returning to his adopted home of Sweden.

Najaar 2014

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