OpenStack in the Enterprise: Advanced functions and hardening of Open Source software

Speaker: Alessandro Vozza


In only 4 years, the OpenStack project has grown from a research-lab pet project to the powerhouse of many commercial enterprises. How did it get there? What challenges and skepticism had to overcome before it was recognised as the de facto standard in private cloud computing? A brief history of OpenStack will be presented, and an outline how the characteristic of an enterprise cloud architecture (with a focus on security and availability) will be discussed. The closing will show what the future holds for OpenStack: the wonders of SDN, the increasing market share in the NFV world and what lies beyond the cloud (with PaaS and Cloud Management Platform).


Alessandro Vozza is the Openstack Specialist for Red Hat for the Benelux, and has been involved in open source throughout his career as DevOps engineer and team leader. He was struck by the Openstack project back in 2012 and never looked back at another cloud; he's the founder of two very successful local communities centred around DevOps and Openstack. He recently joined Red Hat to focus on making Openstack even more awesome and adapting it to the needs of its enterprise customers.

Najaar 2014

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