Het Open Web
Oktober 29, 2009

The Open & Social Web

By Chris Chabot.


The Web is going Social and the Social web is going open! The social web for many is as big as a paradigm shift as the very invention of the internet it self was, the way we use the web and interact has been changed for ever; In this session we'll cover the core open technologies (often referred to as "The Open Stack") that drive this rapid innovation like OpenSocial, XRDS, OpenID and OAuth, how these can be used to solve the registration-hell problem, and finally how to build OpenSocial applications or become a social platform your self.


Chris Chabot is a Developer Advocate at Google, who's interested in Open Source, OpenSocial, and trying to do the impossible. Most recently he's been the driving force behind PHP Shindig, the reference OpenSocial server implementation, Partuza a popular open-source example social network site that shows how to use OpenID, OAuth and OpenSocial, and the OpenSocial PHP client libraries.

Najaar 2009

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