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The NLUUG Board

The Board currently comprises of six members. New board members are elected at the members' Annual General Assembly, after which the board's division of tasks is decided by mutual agreement within the board.

Patrick Reijnen

Patrick is Chairman of the NLUUG. He works as an infrastructural consultant and architect at Capgemini with 15 years of experience. His most important areas of knowledge are Unix, Open Source and Security.

In the past Patrick has been involved in the Linux Hardware Howto and the Term Howto. At the moment he is involved in the Linux Counter Project and active in the Platform voor Informatie Beveiligings association. In his free time Patrick tries to be a daddy for his little girl.

Luc Nieland

Luc is now the Treasurer, after being chair for a few years. Luc is using Unix systems since 1994. At that time some purple colored system gave interesting results during his graduation research project in molecular biology. Currently Luc works as Unix/Database specialist and independent technical architect at Solstice.

Rudi van Drunen

Besides to being a dad, Rudi is techie and CTO with Competa IT, a professional IT services company. He has got more than 20 years experience in all levels of the UNIX operating systems running on large (Enterprise) or small (Embedded) systems. Rudi is very active in USENIX and is a regular visitor of their conferences. Next to that, Rudi runs a small business on the side: XlexIT. His passions include technology (Hard and Software) exact science and Photography.
Rudis personal homepage.

Marcel Nijenhof

Marcel Nijenhof is promoting Open Source for over a decade. He was a board member of the Dutch Linux User Group (NLLGG) for 10 years. At the moment he is active in the board of LPI Nederland and the NLUUG, where is responsible for the organisation of the conferences.

Pieter-Paul Spiertz

Pieter-Paul works as consultant/trainer at the Linux training and consultancy company AT Computing. Formerly, he was the Linux expert at the staff of the Dutch c't magazine. Since ten years he teaches programming and hacking to kids at the Jonge Onderzoekers Nijmegen Foundation (TCCN).
In the NLUUG board, he coordinates public relations.


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