The NLUUG Spring Conference, to be held at the Reehorst Conference Centre in Ede, in the centre of the Netherlands, is to be a unique event. For the first time in its history the NLUUG will be holding a 2-day one track event focussed on one topic: NETWORKING.

New developments, recent experience and expectations for the future will be discussed by experts in this field. In-depth presentations will explain the issues and solutions, and point out the challenges.

A short impression of the conference.

The conference will be closed with a panel session about Internet and expectations for the future (techniques, functions, services), in which the invited speakers and other experts attending the conference will debate their views.

This list of speakers is not complete! A more extended programme, together with abstracts, will soon be available.

The conference will be announced throughout Europe. The conference language will be English. As experts throughout Europe are likely to attend the conference, please note that the number of participants will be limited. Early registration is advised. For more information please contact the NLUUG office


The NLUUG Spring Conference registration and coffee starts at 8.30 a.m. The lectures are scheduled from 9.30 a.m. until approximately 18.00 p.m. Enclosed you will find a detailed time-schedule.

De Reehorst is situated at a walking distance (ca.10 minutes) from the Dutch Railway-station Ede-Wageningen. In Ede De Reehorst is signposted. (Address: Bennekomseweg 24). Parking facilities are available for fl.3,--/day. Follow this link to hotel accomodations in Ede.

The Conference book of this event will be handed out on site. These books will include contributions by both speakers and tutors.

During the conference the NLUUG will hold a desk with information regarding NLUUG and EurOpen. Between the lectures members of the NLUUG board will be present to answer any questions you may have.

NLnet will be present with its own desk, at which the latest information will be available regarding email, news, etc.

During the conference there will be an exhibition.


The Programme Committee of this conference consists of: The Programme Committee can also be reached by its general electronic mail address:

The Board consists of:

NLUUG Office: Marielle Klatten

The Board can be reached via the NLUUG Office or by electronic mail to:


During these two days, network related companies will exhibit their products. There will be over 100 m2 exhibition space. Between the lectures the participants of the conference can visit this exhibition. If you want to register for exhibition space, you can contact the NLUUG Office for more information ( Tel. +31 (0)20-6638561.


Please register for this conference by completing the registration form and by returning it to:
NLUUG Office --- Marielle Klatten
   Kruislaan 419, 1098 VA  AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands. 
   Tel: (+31)(0)20-6638561, fax: (+31)(0)20-6638971. 
   Postbank: 23.53.318, to the credit of NLUUG, Amsterdam.
Your registration for this spring conference will be finalised if, before April 7, 1995:
  1. we have received your registration form; and
  2. payment of the amount due has been received.
Costs for the conference (including lunch) are: [*Affliliated organisations are BUUG, GUUG, UKUUG, etc. and USENIX]

On April 12 & 13, 1995 you will find the NLUUG registration desk in the entrance of De Reehorst. Registration of attendees of whom the registration form has been received before April 7, 1995, will be given preferential treatment. Upon receipt of your registration form the NLUUG Office will invoice the account specified. You will also receive a confirmation of your registration. Payment must be received before April 12, 1995.

If on April 12, 1995 payment has not been received by the NLUUG, but payment has been made, you will be required to personally guarantee payment within a month. If one month after the conference, payment has not been received an additional 50% of the amount outstanding will be invoiced.