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NLUUG Fall Conference 2012

Software Development
8 November 2012
ReeHorst in Ede, NL

During the Spring Conference, the NLUUG board experimented with a new concept: joining forces with the NGN to have a bigger meeting with more foreign speakers. The upcoming fall conference will be organized by the NLUUG only, without a partner. However, as always, there is budget for a few foreign speakers, so do not hesitate to submit an abstract!


The conference theme is "Software Development". We take `Software' in its widest interpretation, including shell scripts for system administration. Also, `Development' is used in a generic sense: everything which has to do with the creation, roll-out, and maintenance of software.

We will group the talks in tracks with related subjects. On the moment, we are collecting for:

  • Programming
    • Scripting: shell, Perl, Python, PHP, GO, ...
    • Compilers: Java, C++, Mono, ...
    • Web: JQuery, jqmobi, HTML5, ...
  • Tooling
    • development tools: vim, emacs, NetBeans, Hudson, ...
    • version control: SVN, GIT, ...
    • build tools: Ant, Maven, Jenkins, ...
    • configuration: Puppet, Chef, cfengine, ansible, ...

Call for Abstracts

We would like to see many contributions by our own members; personal stories on why a certain solutions has been choosen, which problems did emerge, what still needs to be improve, does it have a future? For this reason, we have allocated 15 and 30 minute slots to exchange experiences, next to the usual slots of 45 minutes for in depth discussion of subjects. Are you using above techniques in an original fashion? We like to hear that!

Do not wait until we ask you to give a talk, but volunteer to make the fall conference into a success! Send an email to pc-nj2012@nluug.nl with your idea or abstract.

Deadline abstracts: 27 July 2012 (preferrably earlier)



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