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Call for Abstracts

Networking: IPv6 and other network related stuff...

For the autumn conference we are looking for lecturers who like to talk about the application of open source and/or open standards with respect to the following topics (+/- 40 min):

  • IPv6
  • DNSSec
  • (Next-Generation) Firewalling
  • Mobiele netwerken
  • Wireless netwerken
  • Storage Area Netwerken
  • Routing

Abstracts, questions and suggestion for lecturers can be sent to: pc-nj2011@nluug.nl

Deadline abstracts: 1 aug. 2011
Abstract acceptance message: 30 aug. 2011
Although papers are not required they are appreciated

One month ahead of the conference NLUUG will organize an evening session during which (first time) lecturers can get help to improve their presentation.



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